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The Friends of the Spode Museum (FOSM) is an independent charity and was formed in 2006 at the invitation of the directors of the Spode Company to raise funds, as the time of the company’s collapse was imminent, to urgently remove the ceramic Collection off site as it was located in Spode owned buildings. Therefore a few members of the Spode Society came together to form FOSM.

The Spode company went into administration in 2008 and subsequently the entire factory site was purchased by Stoke on Trent City Council. FOSM raised much of the £30,000 needed to pack the Collection and pay for its safe transportation from the site to various storage locations around Stoke where it remains today. This includes the paper archive, 25,000 copper plates and 40,000 ceramic pieces, sprig moulds, plus a host of other Spode related items ranging from antique furniture to portraits, shards and potter’s tools. The entire Collection is owned by the Spode Museum Trust, a registered charity and is protected in perpetuity.

The main objective of the Spode Museum Trust is to re-establish the entire dispersed Collection and Archive in the Heritage Centre, housed in historic buildings provided by the City Council on the old factory site. The Heritage Centre was established with the benefit of a HLF Grant in 2012. With the Collection ‘under one roof’ it will ease access for comprehensive study and educational purposes by the community.

Throughout this period FOSM has continued with its aims to advance the education of the public and to preserve items of historic importance for the benefit of the public in particular by the provision of support to the Spode Museum Trust. FOSM obtained charitable status in 2007 and is eligible to claim Gift Aid on all donations from UK Tax Payers and to date has handed over in excess of £39,500 to the Spode Museum Trust, supporting various projects directly related to the Collection.

The American Friends of the Spode Museum (AFOSM) was formed in 2015 to strengthen the Spode Museum’s international presence and enable Americans, and others subject to U.S. Income Tax, to protect their charitable deductions by supporting the Spode Museum Trust through AFOSM. Its support and funding has enabled the Spode Museum Trust to establish a successful retail area which managed to generate funds to cover its costs in 2017/2018. A large Museum display area which doubles as a lecture room has also been established, called The Daniel Room.

The Garrett Room for Restoration and Refurbishment

The next stage of development at the Heritage Centre is the urgent restoration and refurbishment of the Garrett Room, the large space and former nightclub on the first floor, mirroring the space in the retail areas and gallery spaces below. This is a massive floor area and structural engineers have confirmed that the floor loading is adequate for this purpose. The Trust has received notice from Stoke City Council that the ceramic Collection must be moved by October 2019 from its current storage location.

Unfortunately, as can be seen, the area is far from fit for purpose, in its present state, and requires considerable refurbishment, i.e. new ceilings, timber floor repairs and covering, plastering, heating and lighting, fire escape to be re-opened, fire and security alarms installed, and, in due time, partitioning to create study areas and an office for a qualified Museum Curator. The Trust will be exploring the possibility of obtaining grants towards this refurbishment cost but inevitably any awards are likely to fall short of what is needed to be achieved for this huge undertaking.

Once the initial refurbishment is completed the 76 cabinets which were obtained from Wedgwood in 2015, with FOSM’s financial support, can be located in the Garrett Room ready to receive the Collection.

In January 2019 FOSM launched the Garrett Room Appeal for financial assistance towards this refurbishment project which eventually will mean that the Spode Museum Trust will have fulfilled its cherished desire to return the Collection back to the original Spode factory site; in turn leading to a fully operational Heritage Centre and Museum enabling it to make that final progression to become a fully accredited Museum - a place where the public, students and academics alike can benefit from the vast resource held in the Collection and a place of which the City of Stoke on Trent and the Nation can be justly proud.


AFOSM is a U.S. Organisation exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to it are deductible for U.S. Income Tax purposes.

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  • By transfer of marketable securities to American Friends of the Spode Museum brokerage account managed by Charles Schab & Co. Just instruct your broker to make the transfer. The market value of the securities is deductible as a charitable contribution at date of transfer.

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The Blue Room after lighting upgrade, funded by FOSM

The Robert Copeland Conference Suite with heating installed, funded by FOSM

Retail and Gallery spaces, funded by AFOSM

The Daniel Room, a Meeting and Display Area, funded by AFOSM

A loving cup, inscribed ‘This cup presented the 14th March 1825 to the Rev’d Thos. Brooke by the United Lodges of Ancient Druids of Lane Delph, Stoke and Lane End as a mark of respect for his Urbanity and Kindness evinc’d towards them on all occasions’.

This important and unique piece was sadly damaged during the removal to off-site storage but has been professionally restored using funds received from the Hayward Foundation and FOSM

A Copeland Spode coffee cup and saucer, c.1935. Engraved and painted by T. Robert Copeland in August 1937, age 12. years. Purchased by FOSM and donated to the Spode Museum Trust.

A large Spode bone china dish, c.1815 reproducing a painting ‘Morlands Winter’ by George Morland. Purchased by FOSM and donated to the Spode Museum Trust